A step back in time…

Five years ago, I blindfolded myself & wore blind cataract contacts and danced on stage at my first interstate guest performance ever. I had just moved to Queensland and I was feeling especially lost and lonely without my now-fiancee and family there to support me.

I put all of my sadness, stress and loneliness into this piece, and when I finished, I absolutely broke down backstage and cried my heart out.

This is the first and only time I’ve so succinctly felt strong emotion like that during performance, and the high after it was all over was that much more intense.

This piece is a reminder for me personally to never stop experimenting, and to follow my own path.It’s easy to get caught up in what’s ‘cool’ or ‘en vogue’ in bellydance, particularly in fusion, and in our quest to emulate those masters we lose our own unique voice. It’s also very easy to compare yourself to those same masters who seem to have superhuman abilities that the regular performer can only imagine, whose training, body type, personal circumstances, and approach may be vastly different to your own and therefore uniquely theirs alone.Don’t compare yourself to anyone other than you. Even then, the ‘you’ from five years ago is very different to the you of now – and while its good to look back, don’t dwell on the past but look to your future and how your journey has brought you to this moment!
Enjoy! xKJ

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