The Ultimate Gift Guide for the discerning Bellydancer


It’s back for 2016 – my Bellydance Gift Guide from last year was so popular I’ve decided to do another one! The list is a bit different in that we have a special ‘Extravagant Options’ section where if you REALLY want to know deep inside the dancer’s soul, this is what she wants if money was no object! Don’t forget to comment below if there’s something I’ve missed or that you’d like to see added!

So without further ado, I bring you 15 gift ideas for Bellydancers:

For the Oriental Princess

– Silk Veil –

Every bellydancer needs a veil, whether as a performance prop, backdrop or to be used as a cover up before and after shows. Investing in a beautiful silk veil will be worth the years of wear you’ll get from it and there are so many pretty options to go with any dancers costume collection.

Silk Veil in Isis + Seafoam, $99 Buy it here

– Bellydance Oasis Magazine Subscription –

These days so much of our media consumption comes in the form of digital that sometimes it’s nice to have that tactile experience and satisfaction that comes from flicking through a glossy magazine. Even better when it’s about our favourite topic: Bellydance! Subscribing to a bellydance magazine not only means you’ll get a surprise in the post a few times a year (it’s the gift that keeps giving!) but you’re also supporting the wider community who work hard to collate & produce high quality content time and time again. Plus, it is a great conversation starter with guests at the coffee table!

Bellydance Oasis Subscription (3 issues, AU) $39 Buy it here

– Footless Jewelled Sandals –

These were one of the most popular gift ideas so they make it back onto this years list. Just pop them on and off you go with stunning adornment that won’t affect your dancing, and finish off your costume beautifully.

Swarovski footless sandals, $118 Buy it here

For the Tribal Goddess

– Handmade Adornment –

Everybody loves collecting a piece of unique adornment, so why not gift a dance sister or friend with a beautiful handmade work of art that can be worn on or off stage.

Acushla Designs Pendant, $68 Buy it here

– Fabulous Faux Assuit –

This year Melodia Designs unveiled her Faux Assuit collection, and it absolutely SLAYED. The real deal is incredibly difficult to come by, and she’s created some core designs that work as costumes all on their own or as statement street wear pieces. Seriously, it’s to die for.

Faux Assuit Collection ‘Domina’ Gown, $249 Buy it here

– Fusion Beats –

There’s one thing us dancers cannot go without and that’s music! Give the gift of dance to your favourite belly babe by signing her up to Spotify – that’s completely free, otherwise you can upgrade to the premium version for only $11.99 per month. She’ll never be stuck for music inspo again!

Spotify Premium, $11.99 (monthly) Buy it here

For the Workshop Addict

– Glitter Drink Bottle –

One thing you’ll learn if your significant other is a bellydancer, is that YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH GLITTER! This fun drink bottle will ensure that every single practice, no matter how sweaty, still has some sparkle!

I Shine Water Bottle – $8.99 Buy it here

– Drill Belt –

Give the gift of bling with a gorgeous drill belt that can be worn on and off stage! Lovingly hand crafted by fusion bellydancer Lilly Sim, by purchasing her wares  you’re supporting the dance community AND looking great!

Custom Drill Belt (4 pictured above) from $140ea  Buy it here

For the Costumier

– Costume Storage –

If you’re anything like me, costume storage is always a challenge. Help a sister out and grab her a storage rack that she can hang her veils, skirts and other accessories on so they don’t get wrecked!

Scandi Garment Rack, $49 Buy it here

– Sewing Machine –

A dancer’s best friend, especially right before a big show, is her sewing machine. You’ll save time and money with your own hardware and who knows, you might even be the next costume go-to designer!

Brother GS3710 Sewing Machine
Brother GS3710 Sewing Machine, $349 Buy it here

Extravagant Options. . .

– Bespoke Costume –

For the ultimate in gift giving, nothing is more indulgent than having one of the top industry designers custom creating your very own bellydance costume. Though this process may take weeks or even months to complete, having your own unique piece professionally created just for you is an incredible investment as the pieces are built to last time and time again.

Bespoke Custom order Bellydance costume, $1,793 Buy it here

– Strike a Pose –

Every bellydancer loves to dress up and be photographed. Whether its an opportunity to get glammed up or a long overdue update for her marketing material, treating your dancer other half to a professional photoshoot is a great gift option. You can even take some of the photographed images to be printed onto canvas to turn your beloved into a beautiful piece of artwork in the home or studio!


Kalikah Jade
Photography by Gee Greenslade, $POA Enquire Here

– Textile Treasures –

Every dancer covets a piece of genuine antique Assuit. Named after the Egyptian region where the craft comes from, many of these pieces date back to the 1920’s when Orientalism & Art Deco peaked amongst fashionistas across Europe and America. Assuit fabric is made from tiny pieces of metal hammered into tulle, and is very delicate – but as you can see below is exceptionally stunning.

Ivory Antique Assuit Shawl, $1,888 Buy it here

– Antique Adornment –

Treat the dancer in your life with a genuine article of adornment that can be worn with costume or kept as an heirloom piece. Genuine antiques are getting harder to find and thus are becoming more and more expensive but they are made to last a lifetime and will be cherished by their owner!

Silver Rajasthani Cuffs, $1,110 Buy it here

– Extravagant Experience –

Fulfill every bellydancer’s fantasy with the opportunity of a lifetime – a trip to Egypt! Here she can get swept up in the history and culture of Ancient Egypt but also take lessons with some of the top dancers and also see a real live show in a river cruise on the Nile.

Egypt Holiday Tour, $POA Plan it here

Phew! If you’ve reached the bottom, well done! I have plenty more gift ideas but now it’s your turn – what kind of gifts would you give to your dancer significant other or bellydance sister/teacher/student?


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