Sparkle Spotlight: An Introduction to my Favourites

I have something to confess.

I have an addiction.

A costuming/sparkles/shiny objects sort of addiction. The kind that if I were one of those impulse buyers (thankfully I’m not!) I would probably have the equivalent of a Kardashian nightclub appearance fee in credit card debt.

I come across lots of lovely things as a bellydancer, and I think that instead of keeping my addiction a secret I would like to shamelessly share whatever gets my gears going at any particular time.

I’m hoping to make this a semi regular series, with some themed posts now and then. You may have read my blog about my recommendations on gifts for bellydancers which was one of my most shared posts of all time! Bellydancers love presents and also love collectively gasping over gorgeous, covetable items – so I’m sharing the love so that the online space is that much more of a prettier place!

So without further ado, my Sparkle Spotlight Favourites:

3. I am loving this pendant ($68) from Acushla Designs:


It looks amazing teamed with the assuit as pictured and would be a gorgeous addition to any outfit on or off stage!


2. This headdress ($950) by Shape Shifters Tribe.


It has taken all my self control to not. push. add. to. cart…..


1. The entire collection of Faux Assuit by Melodia Designs


I’m throwing cash at the screen but nothing’s happening…….

Seriously it’s to die for.


So there you go folks – my top 3 favourite things right now! What are you totally obsessing over at the moment??


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