10 Reasons Why Learning Bellydance Will Improve Your Life

1. You’ll find a new appreciation for your curves (and those of your fellow dancers) when you learn hip, chest and arm shapes.

2. Your social calendar will be perpetually filled with hafla invitations, rehearsals, gala shows, workshop invitations and after class catch-ups.

3. You will learn to listen to music in a new way and all of a sudden you can hear new rhythms in all of your favourite songs that would be *perfect* for a drum solo!

4. You can plan your international (or local) travel around your favourite master teacher, book in a dance holiday AND meet a tonne of new friends from all over the world!

5. You have friends in every continent, and if you’re an ATSĀ® dancer, you’ll have a group of sisters to dance with regardless of language – such is the power of the language of dance!

6. You’ll develop an unhealthy obsession with textiles, jewellery, world music & youtube.

7. You will improve your muscle tone, flexibility and strength in a gentle, low impact way and improve your joint mobility.

8. You’ll be less likely to yo-yo diet so that you can still fit into all of your costumes without complicated (and expensive) alterations!

9. Objects such as canes, candle trays, swords and light floaty fabric now have a whole new realm of uses and possibilities.

10. You’re all set with your ‘party trick’ – the three quarter shimmy!


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