4 Steps for Successful Performance – Taking Your Stage Presence to the Next Level

Kalikah Jade at Evernight 4, 2012
Kalikah Jade at Evernight 4, 2012

Have you ever wondered why there are some performers out there that have that special something which draws you to watching their every move? Though it might not always come naturally, with some practice you too can learn to have charismatic stage presence for powerful stage performance.

1. Transformation works both on the inside and the outside. In your everyday world you might be a busy parent, have a demanding career, or have personal issues outside of dance. Unless it directly relates to your character or performance theme, leave your ‘other’ self behind and become the captivating creature looking back at you in the mirror. If you use a stage name/persona, find your character and use this character to focus your performance.

2. To mesmerize is to captivate with intention. Be connected to every move you make and feel how you want your audience to feel. If you are playful, let this shine by using eye contact or even improvisation to genuinely connect with your audience – they WANT to be engaged by you, it’s up to you to use your skills to keep them interested and invested in your performance.

3. Your face tells a story, use it! Eye contact is a powerful tool to engage with your audience and establish confidence. Don’t be afraid to lock eyes with an audience member and exchange a moment with them – it will feed your performance and add an extra level of charisma to your stage presence.

4. Whatever happens, be confident. At a subconscious level, we can detect when a person is anxious or otherwise unsure of themselves, especially when this person is the focal point on stage. Whatever happens on stage, own it and work with it, even if you make a mistake. Some of the most unfortunate stage mishaps turn into a great test of your ability to work with an unexpected situation and handle with grace, and in character.

Do you have any other tips to improve your stage presence? Comment below!


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