5 Tips for a flawless stage face

Kalikah Jade - Smokey Eye
Get stage-ready makeup with my quick tips & notice the difference in your look. 

Performance is often about illusion – constructing a story through costuming, movement, staging, lighting and sound. Often stage lights aren’t always the most flattering, or sometimes they’re so strong that when you look back on performance footage it’s like you just woke up out of bed! Going to all the effort to construct a believable illusion extends to your most expressive feature – your face. Now from my own experiences here are my top 5 tips for a flawless stage face that will suit any condition!

1. A Strong Foundation

The base of your face is imperative to get right – the foundation helps makeup to stick, and serves to blank the canvas that is your face so that you can tell your story with colour and contouring. Ensure that you always moisturize before putting on your foundation, and select a matte variety – this will ensure that you won’t have the dreaded ghost face when you are on stage. For extra staying power use a mineral powder to set, that way you won’t sweat it off!

2. More is More

Stage lights are like a black hole – they suck in your features and wash them out! Everything on stage needs to be BIG to be seen. You might feel ridiculous but experiment with darkening your brows, adding more eyeshadow, more blush and fake lashes and notice the difference. I take a lot of tips from drag queens who make up their faces to give an illlusion of face shape – their technique is incredible for making features stand out.

3. Layer It On

When it comes to building up colour for stage, one swipe of eye shadow isn’t going to cut it. Build up colour slowly and carefully so that it becomes opaque and that way stage lights won’t cut right through.

4. Don’t Sweat It

Ever wondered how people can get hot and bothered on stage but their makeup STAYS EXACTLY WHERE IT IS??!? No its not magic, it’s the type of product. Use oil based product and voila, you won’t sweat off your makeup, provided that there is enough build up on your face to form a big enough barrier.

5. What Glitters is Gold

Don’t forget to finish off your look with some glitter! Glitter is awesome because it highlights, adds depth and generally sparkles, making you look like a crazy, fabulous fairy. Though it doesn’t generally show up a heap on stage it brightens your face and is fun to apply!

Blue glitter stage eyes.
Lashes – check. Bright lips – check. Glitter – double check!

Do you have any hot tips to share? I’d love to hear more!


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